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Cloud Nine pregnancy, birth and beyond classes are specifically adapted yoga for this beautiful time of pregnancy, bringing together both current yoga practitioners and those who have never done yoga before. Each class will be carefully planned, prepared and delivered to meet all the needs of each member, offering alternatives and encouragement to trust in the wisdom of your own body.

What will you learn?

We would recommend that you consider waiting to join the class until at least 14/52 into your pregnancy. You can however, continue your yoga practice right through your pregnancy and indeed beyond. Yoga in pregnancy is designed to create both time and space for you to connect to your emotional and physical body and that of your growing baby. It helps to provide comfort, stability and strength through:

  • Breathing practices
  • Physical movements and postures
  • Subtle hand gestures
  • Yogic pelvic floor exercises
  • Deep relaxation and visualisation

Mind and Body

In the classes we will be working together to help prepare both your mind and body during your pregnancy, for birthing you baby in a gentle, calm and confident way. We will also be thinking about the future and looking at how you can nurture and sustain your emotional and physical wellbeing after the birth of your baby.


"Alison puts you at ease with her naturally warm personality, initially I was apprehensive, and Alison made me feel like she is completely nonjudgmental and professional. I looked forward to sessions with Alison; working with her has made me feel special, nurtured and valuable. Her approach is adaptable and gentle. Alison is skilled in that she is able to tailor each session around how you are physically and emotionally. I have come away feeling more prepared for birth, in touch and in love with my baby, and confident in my ability to birth my baby."